Avadhi song on 1857

Avadhi song on 1857

Look the Firangi merchants came
and pillaged and plundered our land.
They hoisted here their banner and swallowed up
the wealth and riches of our land.
The kings pitched each other fought
while the Firangis usurped our land.
Like pests smiting the paddy fields they came
and sucked the blood of our land.
There is left neither work nor living
and terrible poverty stalks our land.
                        Look the Firangi…

At the hands of the English sell their honour
even the big and mighty of our land.
There is neither peace nor security, like orphans
roam about the rulers of our land.
Not a penny left in the pocket
O what curse has befallen our land.
                         Look the Firangi…

The Firangi empire was shaken to its roots
in eighteen fifty seven in our land.
What tyranny O what terror
when mutiny seethed our land.
Children torn away from their parents
O what ruin swept our land.
                         Look the Firangi…

In Allahabad, Bithoor and Kanpur
in Lucknow, in other towns of our land.
Wherever went Nana there sprang up
centres of rebellion in our land.
They belong to the heavens, the heroes-
that gave their lives for their land.
                         Look the Firangi…

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